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The second runway of Wuhan Tianhe Airport to fly to complete the school at the end of June enabled (Figure)

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Jingchu net news (reporter Qu Xiangtao correspondent Du Hongxia, Wu Zhao) in April 25th 5, the Civil Aviation Administration of Chinese school B3643 aircraft from the Wuhan Tianhe Airport second runway, second stage flying school work, and at 8:30 in the morning, a smooth landing on runway second. So far, Wuhan Tianhe Airport second runway school flying work successfully concluded.
According to reports, Wuhan Tianhe Airport second runway flight check completed on time, for the following second runway test flight, industry acceptance work to create the necessary conditions.
Second Wuhan Tianhe Airport runway 3600 meters long, 60 meters wide, in accordance with the 4F standard construction, is the highest standard of domestic civil airport runway, all aircraft available including the world's largest aircraft Airbus A380, will be opened in the end of June. By then, Wuhan Tianhe Airport peak hour take-off and landing sorties can be doubled, reaching nearly 60 sorties, passengers waiting time is shorter, punctuality rate is higher, passenger traffic will rise further.